UHWB Podcast Ep.3: From civil engineering to impact finance-improving health and wellbeing one step at a time with Prof. Peter Head

Jul 12, 2022

From civil engineering to impact finance - improving health and wellbeing one step at a time

Episode introduction:

Prof. Peter Head devoted his decades-long career to improving the urban environment and health and wellbeing all over the world. He departed in civil engineering, designing safe and long-term resilient infrastructures and urban plans, sustainable development goals, and most recently, promoting impact financing in Africa. In this episode, we turn to Peter for his well-versed insights on how to improve health and well-being, particularly in the current global context.


The poorest suffer the most from climate change. The only way to have transformational change to that is the bottom-up systems approach.

Speaker: Prof. Peter Head CBE FREng Hon FSE FRSA

Founder & Chair, Resilience Brokers 

Chief Executive of the Ecological Sequestration Trust

Peter Head is currently the Chief Executive of the Ecological Sequestration Trust, a social enterprise. He founded in 2011 to develop a systems modelling platform for city regions to deliver SDGs, which now has demonstration projects worldwide, including Ghana, Mongolia, Australia, Mexico, and Kenya. During his decades-long career since the late 1980S, Peter has held many important positions. He was a Director of Arup and headed up an integrated Global Planning Business within the Consulting Group. This Group included Planning, Policy, Environmental and Transport Consulting, Urban Design and Master Planning and sustainability. Peter has also been a Visiting Professor in Systems Engineering at Bristol University, the Commissioner of the London Sustainable Development Commission and chair of the Planning and Development sub-group. He has served as the Advisory Board member for the UNDRR GAR 19 and GAR 22.

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