The Little Book of the HEALTH OF CITIES

Aug 10, 2020

In this Little Book we suggest that rethinking urban sustainability needs to be done by taking a systems approach. We illustrate how human beings and cities are integrated, complex living systems and that the health and wellbeing of people is compromised by degrading their functioning though various forms of pollution. We need to promote and protect health, both for the people who live in the urban environment and of the urban environment itself. 

We present cases, initiatives and projects which address different aspects of the systmes approach and then draw lessons for all who have a stake in the health of cities: the majority of people on earth. The idea we present in "The Health of Cities" is one about cities as living urban systems, which need to be healthy to sustain healthy human lives and a healthy planet.  

This Little Book explains urban health today, how cities function as complex living systems, how urban, human and planetary health are connected, and what cities around the world can learn from one another. It challenges every one of us to contribute to our own health by contributing to the health of our cities.