Declarations & Statement

From the declaration text:

On 21-24 of November 2016 in Shanghai, China, we formally recognize that health and wellbeing are essential to achieving the United Nations Development Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals. We reaffirm health as a universal right, an essential resource for everyday living, a shared social goal and a political priority for all countries. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) establish a duty to invest in health, ensure universal health coverage and reduce health inequities for people of all ages. We are determined to leave no one behind.


Cities and communities are critical settings for health

Health is created in the settings of everyday life - in the neighbourhoods and communities where people live, love, work, shop and play. Health is one of the most effective markers of any city’s successful sustainable development and contributes to make cities inclusive, safe and resilient for the whole population. Together with city leaders we must address the toxic combination of rapid rural-to-urban migration, global population movements, economic stagnation, high unemployment and poverty as well as environmental deterioration and pollution. We will not accept that city residents in poor areas suffer ill-health disproportionately and have difficulty accessing health services.